Feature Stories

Fall 2016 Cover Story


David Landy and the sciene of learning math.

In 2007 PBS professor David Landy was a Ph.D. student at IU in computer science and cognitive science, studying the cognitive process by which people learn and perform mathematical problems. He was also the father of a newborn baby girl. Graduate research and new parenthood do not always happily coexist. But on one particular night, as Landy held and rocked his daughter into the late hours of the night, he had an idea that decisively shaped the course of his career as a scholar and scientist: a computer program that could dramatically change the way we learn and do math.


A bird's eye view of social newtworks

Introvert or extrovert? The two terms hover over the research of Gregory Kohn (Ph.D. ’15) like the birds that inhabit the aviaries of the Animal Behavior Farm, aka the lab of PBS professor Meredith West and senior scientist Andrew King. Kohn has worked and studied in this lab, first as a Ph.D. student, then as a post-doctoral researcher.