Generosity from within

In each case, the gift was intended to establish endowed accounts to which other faculty, staff, students, alumni and friends may contribute, thereby further increasing the impact of these gifts.

Donors also took advantage of an ongoing matching program in which the interest income from large gifts will receive annual matching funds from the University equal to 4.5 percent of the gift amount. The matching funds effectively double the impact of the gifts, based on current market rates, and are open to current and former faculty, as well as alumni.

It’s been a truly remarkable year for the Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences. We have received an unparalleled outpouring of support for the department—especially from current and former faculty and their spouses.

Department Chair, Bill Hetrick

Those interested in likewise contributing to this program should contact Travis Paulin, Executive Director of Advancement for the College of Arts and Sciences ( Or contact PBS Professor Emeritus Steven “Jim” Sherman (