Psychology of Business Certificate

Jonathan Ledbetter likewise seeks to help students map out an occupational terrain between disciplines that is not always easy to decipher.

As a young undergraduate psychology major, Ledbetter recalls hearing about the field of engineering psychology at his campus career center, a field that applies knowledge of human cognition and behavior to the design of systems, technology and the environments in which people move. Yet the notion that the uses of psychological science could extend beyond the lab and clinic was too unfamiliar. It would be many years before he could forge such a path as his own, and not without a kind of necessary detour through the worlds of social work, banking, finance and academia. This path ultimately led him back to where he wanted to go, as both teacher and consultant, to the “engineering psychology” that captured his interest, and opened his eyes to the many applications of psychology in the business world.

The new certificate leads students to explore such applications, providing them with:

  • Research and internship experiences
  • A wide range of interdisciplinary courses across the University in the Kelley School of Business, SPEA, and Public Health
  • A foundation in psychological and brain sciences

The program, Ledbetter explains, can adapt to the varied paths its students want to take, “allowing them to explore, but also guiding them to find the opportunities that are out there.”

For undergraduates interested in fields at the cross-section of psychology and business – among them, industrial and organizational psychology, design, marketing and advertising – the Psychology of Business Certificate aims to make students competitive for advanced entry-level positions in industry or graduate programs in applied business psychology.

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